Ongoing realities (OR) is an exploratory choreographic approach investigating the relationship and creative possibilities when merging dance and choreography with various digital technologies. OR is led by choreographers Anna Näsström and Johan Bandholtz and they produce performances for stage and site specific places and work withanalogue and digital technologies such as XR, Motion Capture, Animation and Virtual Reality. OR and has established collaboration partners in animation, programming, sound design, freelance dancers and costume designers.

In the fall of 2022, Ongoing Realities won the "Excellence In Performance" award for the performance "o n e - a choreographic installation and performance" at the Stockholm Fringe Festival. This year they hold the year-long incubator residency at SITE, the Powerhouse for Dance and Performing Artists in Farsta where they also premiere, on June 16 2023, their upcoming performance with the working title "[e s c]", with support from the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Council's restart support and Stockholms stad. The performance piece "o n e" will be shown again, in a site-specific version, on 24 March 2023 at the Digital innovation festival at Kulturhuset together with Alexander Zethson on piano.

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Anna & Johan

created OR in 2018 and has since then researched digital techniques within VR, film, motion capture and animation as choreographic tools in dance and performanceart. Their performanceconcept "what comes through" premiered November 2021 and they have recieved support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, The Swedish Arts Council, Riksteatern and now latest also support from Stockholm Stad. 

OR premier review

" In an epic undertaking the performers aesthetically changed the museum space by incorporating animation, digital movement and video footage which all complimented the permeant works of art already exhibited. 

However, my anticipation slowly built up while I observed the dancers collaborate as they prepared for the premier! Every single movement impersonated the thoughtfully selected space - it was almost as if the room and the art were coming to life! "

Cecily Ferguson, curator, creative collaborator Skövde Konstmuseum