"Boxwood" is my first solo piece, originally performed at Dansens Hus, Stockholm. The piece is critically exploring gendered movement and the aesthetics of "femininity" and "masculinity" at play. This research and the shapes of anatomy of muscles and tendends are broken up or woven in to the performance as well as the stage costume. The choreography has influences from different movementpatterns in modern dance and within vogue and the ballroom culture. Experiences of boundary crossing or breaking, mentally and physically is a key component to the piece as well as questionings of how and why we do things connected to different identity markers.

Boxwood has been shown at The "Scenkonst biennal" in Jönköping 2012 as well as being an opening act for Fashion Week in Berlin 2013 besides Sweden tour with Dansens Hus & Urban Connection.

Concept, choreography: Anna Näsström

Music & Videographer: Fredrik "Kaoz" Wentzel

Lights: Jonas Holst, Angela X

Costume design: Karolina Brock