My name is Anna Näsström and I am a choreographer and dancer, educated among other places at the Stockholm University of the Arts in Stockholm or BDC and Peridance in New York. In addition to experience in different movement practices within contemporary dance, I have a background in social dance practice and community-based culture such as Ballroom, club culture and street dance in various ways. Experiences of different practices, productions and movement patterns give me diverse perspectives on dance and artistic work and I am often interested in collaborative work at the intersection between dance and technology.

Since 2018, I run the choreographic duo Ongoing Realities (OR) together with my colleague Johan Bandholtz. OR explores digital technologies such as Motion Capture, animation, VR, AR and AI as choreographic tools in multidisciplinary collaborations within dance and technology. We create multi-sensory experiences for both stage rooms and other locations and also hold workshops and lectures on technology and artistic creation.

Ongoing Realities' work has been shown and won awards at the Stockholm Fringe Festival 2022 and 2023 and for example at the Kulturhuset Stadsteatern's digital innovation festival, at The Art Museum in Skövde,  the newspapers Modern Psykologi og Forskning and Framsteg's event Hjärndagen, Tempo Documentary Festival or The Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival. OR's activities have received support from the Swedish Art Grants Committee, the Swedish Arts Council, the City of Stockholm, the Swedish national touring company Riksteatern, the Art Museum in Skövde and Skövde University, among others.