Ongoing Realities (OR) is a choreographic duo consisting of Anna Näsström and Johan Bandholtz, which explore dance and choreography in the context of digital technologies such as Motion Capture, animation, VR, AR, and AI. They create multi-sensory experiences for both stage settings and other locations.

Their work has been showcased and awarded at The Stockholm Fringe Festival in both 2022 and 2023. Their works have also been featured at venues including the Kulturhuset Stadtstatern's digital innovation festival, The Art Museum in Skövde, at the magazines Modern Psychology and Forskning och Framsteg's event Hjärndagen, Tempo Documentary Festival or the Dublin Arts and Human Rights Festival in Ireland.

The duo has had several national residencies, including with Riksteatern Väst, Rum för dans, Estrad Norr, Northern Sustainable Futures, SITE incubator, and others, and has received support from organizations such as The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, The Swedish Arts Council, and The City of Stockholm. Ongoing Realities collaborates with both national and international experts in various fields, including programming, digital animation, artificial intelligence, sound design, AR, and VR.