work experience

Stockholm Fringe Festival 2022 - "o n e" - a choreographic installation

Ongoing Realities installation/performance at Telefonfabriken 17de September. The piece won "Excellence in performance" by the Fringe jury. The piece was shown at Digitala Innovationsfestivalen at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern the 24th of March 2023 and booked at Estrad Norr in October 2023.

Grammis 2022

Choreographer for artist Agnes and the performance of "Here comes the night" at Grammisgalan 2022, Stockholm, Sweden.

Ongoing realities - 2021 ->

Performances, project & platform created by Anna Näsström and Johan Bandholtz. Travelling sites which become immersive stages with components such as live dance, tactile sounddesign, VR and art. The project has developed since 2019 researching Virtual reality and other digital techniques as choreographic tools. 

Melodifestivalen with Charlotte Perrelli 

Dancer for Charlotte Perrelli - Still young. Choreographer Jennie Widegren. 2021

Craft Rituals multimedia art-exhibition  

Choreographer for "Craft Rituals". Artfilm and interdiciplinary exhibition fusing wool, handicraft-tradition with dance, digitalisation and sustainability. Supported by Nordisk Kulturfond. Initiative and concept Aia Jüdes. 2021-2022

LINDEX Commercial

Choreographer and work with casting for Lindex spring season collection - commercial 2020. Naive Productions. Director Andreas Öhman. Producer Rima Kassar


Dancer in Agnes musicvideoproject "I Trance", and movementcoach and part choreographer for Agnes in "Fingers crossed". 2019 & 2020


Choreographer for parts of the Honey tour 2018/2019 and "Secret gig" at Artipelag Stockholm. Director Maria Decida Wahlberg. 2018/2019


F is for... FENDI Funk collection model and dancer. 2018

Prodance Agency London.

The Law of Jante 

Micro-documentary featuring Anna as one of the key-figures in the Swedish ballroomscene, by Maceo Frost for Urban Ears. 2018


Choreographer for artist Nathalie CLEO Missaoui's summertour Sweden. Dancers Fatou Bah & Anna Näsström. 2018


Dancer and actor in Opera Norrmalmstorgsdramat production in Vattnäs Koncertlada. Choreography and directing Patrik Sörling. 2018

Raoul Wallenberg Academy Awards 

Modern solo performance, and choreography for RWA awardsshow for compassion and civilcourage at Rival in Stockholm. 2018


Co-creating dancer in duet with Robert Malmborg at Dansens Hus Stockholm. A piece exploring time, loneliness and belonging in an individualister Society. Choreographer Daniel Koivunen. 2017


Playing the "Libidella", godess of fertility in Opera Aniara. Hologram dancepiece at Malmö Stadsteaters production of this spaceopera. Choreography Patrik Sörling. 2017

Svansjön & Stop. Play. Rewind 

Fredrik Benke Rydman’s streetdance and modern dance-performance. Shows at Dansens Hus Stockholm and several international tours in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Russia. 2011-2017

Eurovision Song Contest 

Opening act and opening dancer at ESC in Stockholm Sweden. Choreography Fredrik Benke Rydman, Jennie Widegren. 2016

IDOL with Hailee Steinfeld 

Performance at IDOL with artist Hailee Steinfeld in Stockholm, Sweden. Choreographer Amber Rimell. 2016


Dancer in Opera Carmen at Dalhalla stage in Dalarna Sweden. Choreographer Ambra Succi. 2016

5 Degrees

Dance-performance at Stora Teatern, Göteborg. A piece about the global threat to the climate and around sustainability. Choreography Twisted Feet dance company. 2015


Concept and choreography Anna Näsström. A solo-piece on tour with Dansens Hus and contemporary piece for Dansbiennalen in Jönköping 2012 and Fashion Week Berlin 2013. The piece is researching identity, gender and fem-/masculinity, questioning norms and stereotypes. 2012-2014


Dancer, ensemble song and choreography with P*fect Dansare dance company for musical Cabaret at Malmö Stadsteater & Sweden tour. Further choreography Ambra Succi, Fredrik Benke Rydman, P*fect. Director Hugo Hansén. 

Also dancer and ensemble song in Cabaret at Kongelige Teater i Köpenhamn, choreographer Signe Fabricius, choreography assistant Miles Hoare. Director Lars Kaalund.


Humor and satire production for SVT - a political satire of the times of the refugeecrisis of 2015. Choreography Anna Vnuk.


Contemporary, vogue dance-performance “Imprint” at "Breakin’ convention", Sadlers Wells, London as well as Dansens Hus in Stockholm. Supported by Kulturrådet & Stockholm Stad.