Experiences of different practices, movement patterns, connection to change and challenge gives depth to my artistry and has developed it in many directions simultaneously. This wide net of languages, memories, journeys and physicalities is what I tend to and keep researching.


Tempo Dokumentär festival

The 6th of March we opened Tempo documentary festival at Rival Stockholm. Ongoing Realities performed a piece from the new process of their upcoming performance [e s c] and merged it with the theme of this years Festival. The evolvement of the camera and mirrorings of your digital self was amongst the focus connected to this years display of documentaries. See and hear more about it on this video captured by Getcinemedia.

During the spring of 2023, Anna and Johan are spending time as their artistic duo "Ongoing Realities" in Moskosel, Norrbotten to develop a new digital artwork for the itinerant art gallery iM Konsthall. A residency via Moskosel creative lab and Northern sustainable futures, with support from The Swedish Arts Council and Arvidsjaur municipality.

[e s c] Performance

OR's latest production "[e s c]" will be created during 2022-2023 with a premiere on June 16, 2023 at the SITE/Specific Festival in Farsta.

"[e s c] is a choreographic investigation of escapism and "escape from reality", and how algorithms are involved in these (counter)movements. During the spring, OR will invite you to micro-installations around Stockholm where the parts eventually form a whole, with a premiere in June.

The production is created with the support of The Swedish Arts Council's restart support and with support from the City of Stockholm.

På fredag den 11/11 gästar Ongoing Realities ”Hjärndagen” som arrangeras av Forskning & Framsteg samt Modern Psykologi. En heldag om hjärnan på Oscarsteatern i Stockholm och vi ser fram emot att dela ett urdrag från ”what comes through” tillsammans med Alexander Zethson på piano.

"Två kroppar möts och undersöker, skapar och ger sig hän en serie minnen genom koreografi och digitala tekniker. Vad har glömts av och blir till ånyo emellan dem, och vilka handlingar är medvetna? En koreografi är mer än bara ett motoriskt schema, dansarens olika minnen påverkar rörelsen som i sig självt står i ständig förändring. Det iscensätter, prövar och flyter mellan olika tidsligheter och minns olika mellan de två. Utifrån ett multimodalt undersökande blir gamla erfarenheter till nya och förkroppsligas framför åskådarna. Publiken upplever ett nära utforskande och betraktar ett minne som tar form, som de själva är del i."

On the 10th of November Ongoing Realities join Dansmässan 2022 for a showing of our piece "what comes through" on stage and also you can meet and talk to us at Mässtorget the same day! We're excited and hope to see you at Dansens Hus!



OR x Stockholm Fringe Festival 

We premier our Art Film "o n e" LIVE at Telefonfabriken 17/9 @ 19.30 and digitally at ArenaSTOFF.

o n e – a choreographic installation & performance

"In a dim room between past, present and future, our art film “o n e” is finding its way back to a live space we can experience together. It is a performance within a concert within a film, presented as an installation. Confused? No worries, join the room and walk around, explore the space and immerse yourself in the movement of sound, dance and visuals coming to life. We invite you to a live installation by Ongoing Realities with an intent to share the room, making it as much yours as ours together."


o n e

An Ongoing Realities Art Film in collaboration with videoartist Tanne Willow.

"o n e" can be part of exhibitions, shown at festivals, museums etc. It's premier is held at Stockholm Fringe Festival and ArenaSTOFF in September 2022. A full length link can be sent upon request. For inquiries please contact us.


what comes through -

performance piece

Ongoing relities (OR) consists as a performance, project & platform created by Anna Näsström and Johan Bandholtz. Our piece what comes through explores an intimate meeting with the dancers, architechture, physical materials and the audience. OR uses exhibition as format and allows for the audience to choose their trajectory when experiencing the performance, with tactile 360 sound design, scenography made from recycled paper and a close experience in the room. It was developed further during the spring 2022 at the "Riksteatern Produktionsresidens dans" and is currently looking to premier later this year. As a performanceconcept we travel sites which become immersive stages with components such as live dance, tactile sounddesign, VR and art.

"Wanting and tired, humoristic and dark, visionary and dystopian - the new performance what comes through collects fragments, seeks contact and passes by. It's as much yours as it is ours together, an experience which takes the room together with the audience, in a setting of voluntary interactivity and an intimate journey through movement, sound, vision and a collective moment."

In the link below, you can stream a work in process of the piece and hear us speak on our artistic trajectory and upcoming work!


The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee working grant 2022-2023

Thank you to The Swedish Arts Grants Commitee for giving me a working grant 2022-2023! A big means in making it possible for me to explore and further my artistic practice and I'm superhappy for it! Also excited to be granted travelexpenses for a project initiated with a fellow artist in Copenhagen. 



Learning modules for digital technology within performing arts.

Anna partakes in the EU project "Digital Leap" to learn more about digital technology and performing arts. What’s next in the digital world for example? How can we distribute our art in a sustainable way or how can we further engage in audience participation? Anna will join modules 2 & 4 in Vilnius and Marseilles/Aix-en-Provence.

Thank you to Danscentrum Sverige!

Digital Leap is a collaboration between eight expert organisations from seven European countries: ARTCENA (FR), Arts and Theatre Institute (CZ), CircusInfo Finland (FI), Dance Info Finland (FI), Danscentrum Sverige (SE), Institut Ramon Llull IRL (ES), Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (LT) and Performing Arts Hub Norway (NO). Dance Info Finland coordinates the project.


Dancefilm release coming.

A co-creation with videoartist Tanne Willow. Music by Yared Tilahun Cederlund.

Co-creation with videoartist Tanne Willow



OR consists as a performance, project & platform created by Anna Näsström and Johan Bandholtz. In April/May 2022 they get to develop a piece for a traditional stage/blackbox at "Riksteaterns Produktionsresidens" in Stockholm.

As a performanceconcept we travel sites which become immersive stages with components such as live dance, tactile sounddesign, VR and art. The project has developed since 2018 researching Virtual reality and other digital techniques as choreographic tools. OR is supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Riksteatern Väst, Rum för dans & Teater Halland, The Swedish Arts Council & Danscentrum Sthlm. 

Residency - OR